Romantic Night Moves Moment Wedding Dresses

The stay up late and relish every moment in these romantic night moves wedding dresses.

White Halter Wedding Dresses with Antique Gold Beads
Reprise the first dance, just the two of you. White silk georgette halter dress studded with antique-gold beads.

White Organza V-neck Halter Wedding Dresses
A swishing, swirling gown is perfect for a late-night stroll. White silk organza V-neck halter gown with hand-beaded bodic.

Diamond White Floral Wedding Dresses with Cowl Neckline
Diamond white silk floral decoupé bias-cut gown with draped cowl neckline.

White Glamorous with Floral Skirt Wedding Dresses
Make your getaway in a glamorous gown. White silk taffeta draped bodice gown with floral embroidered tulle skirt.

Ivory Silk Pearl with Crinkle Chiffon Wedding Dresses
As darkness falls, the curtain rises on romance. Ivory silk crepe and baroque pearl embroidered tunic dress trimmed with crinkle chiffon.


Formal Evening Gown. Beaded Dress for Prom, Party Dress by Sean Collection (50172) White

Formal Evening Gown. Beaded Dress for Prom, Party Dress by Sean Collection (50172) White

Stretch mesh gown with empire bodice and godet panels on skirt.

Formal Evening Gown. White Ball Gown Dress for for White Ball Gown Evening, Formal, Prom, Party, Wedding by Sean Collection (211)

Formal Evening Gown. White Ball Gown Dress for for White Ball Gown Evening, Formal, Prom, Party, Wedding by Sean Collection (211)

Lovely satin beaded gown with illusion bodice and Aline skirt

Long Prom / Wedding Evening Dress

Long Prom / Wedding Evening Dress

Long Prom / Wedding Evening Dress

Formal Wedding Prom Party Dresses

Formal Wedding Prom Party Dresses

Gorgeous for Evening! Aline halter gown with handbeading on tulle. Great for Evening, Prom, Formals

The Future Is Here Wedding Dresses Fall 2010

the Paris designers typically play with and throw out certain elements every season fall 2010 the real haute couture going on in fashion, including looks for bridal. Brides do love of a sleeve comeback long and short, tight as well as puffy, my question is, just how long will it take for this to go mainstream.

Stunning Wedding Dresses from Ellie Saab features a Low Cut Top with a Bodice Full Skirt

This Haute Couture Wedding Dresses Jean Paul Gaultier Bridal Aisle

This Extreme White Wedding Dresses with Veils Poof Middle

This Haute Couture Wedding Dresses with Asymmetrical Flowing Skirt

The Haute Couture Tibusch Eric Wedding Dresses, we have provided a burst of magical fantasy dresses

Wedding Dresses with Jeweled Details by Priscilla of Boston

The unique style aesthetic, sophisticated glamour and intricate, unexpected details, and the latest wedding dresses with jeweled details from Priscilla of Boston. The romantic lace touches on the Priscilla of Boston gowns are accented and vamped up with deep sweetheart necklines. And the impeccably constructed Jewel wedding dresses take bridal glamour to new heights, with metallic trimming, jeweled beading, and sumptuous satin fabrics.

 White Satin Fitted Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Romantic Lace

Romantic White Wedding Dresses with Deep Sweetheart Neckline

Halter Wedding Dresses with Jeweled Neckline and Waist

White Simple V-neck Mermaid Wedding Dresses with Flowers Low Hip

Dramatic White Ball Gown Wedding Dresses with jeweled Neckline

Bridal Fashion Couture Carolina Hererra's New York Spring 2010

The New York spring 2010 is showing us designers are time traveling through the 20th century bringing back trends that never made it to the once-upon-a-time bridal scene. We're seeing still more color and interesting textures this season. Carolina Hererra's pieces this season are enhanced by shots of primary color in the bouquets the models carried and mixing textures in the accessories. The bowler hats are the clinchers for me though. This is the ultimate touch of wow!

Carolina Hererra's Brings Pops of Color to Bridal Collection with Bright Flowers

Carolina Hererra's Brings Pops of Color to Bridal Collection with Bright Flowers

Carolina Hererra's Brings Pops of Color to Bridal Collection with Bright Flowers

Carolina Hererra's Brings Pops of Color to Bridal Collection with Bright Flowers

Carolina Hererra's Brings Pops of Color to Bridal Collection with Bright Flowers


Patrizia Ferrera 2011 Sexy Wedding Gowns

Sexy wedding gowns from Patrizia Ferrera 2011 bridal collection.

Sexy Spaghetti Straps Wedding Gown with Corset Bodice
Naughty and nice semi see-through boned bodice wedding dress with sweet layered skirt.

Trumpet Crystal Wedding Gowns
Trumpet crystal embellished gown will showcase your womanly curves.

Sexy Halter Wedding Gowns with Straps Back
Sleek halter neck mermaid style wedding gowns with straps at back are a nice touch.

Trumpet Wedding Gowns with Ruching Back
Highlight of this otherwise minimal trumpet gown with ruching at the back.

Strapless Wedding Gowns with Fitted Crystal
Crystal trimmed sweetheart neckline strapless wedding dress with fitted bodice.

Classy Wedding Dresses from Modern Trousseau Spring 2011

Classy wedding dresses from Modern Trousseau 2011 collection.

Monochromatic Ebony with Black Sash
Monochromatic creation called Ebony, featuring a black lace panel around the bodice and matching black sash.

Sweetheart Ruffle with Dark Sash Belt
Sweetheart neckline, a ruffle tulle skirt and a dark sash belt.

White Mermaid Monroe Wedding Dresses
White Mermaid monroe wedding dresses, a sleek strapless lace beauty.

Sweet Wedding Dresses with Purple Sash Roses Belt
Sweet wedding gown, with a bouquet of feathers on the skirt and dusty purple sash with fabric roses.

Elegant Strapless Jamie Wedding Dresses
Classic Jamie bride, an elegant strapless lace sheath.


Beach Sunny Bridesmaid Dress

Beach Sunny Bridesmaid Dress

beach bridesmaid dress, sunny wont overheating

Bridesmaid Duties From Past To Present: It s More Than Just Bridesmaid Dresses



Did you know that the whole wedding ceremony has a long and rich history? Yes, from the groomsmen to the bridesmaids, a lot has been written about the how they entire wedding entourage came to be.

Today, it is but proper for the bridesmaids to wear the best and the most interesting bridesmaid dresses. In the past, bridesmaid dresses are limited to mimicking the bridal gown? Let’s see why.

The Early Roman World

During this period, bridesmaids formed some kind of a protective shield or an infantry in order to protect the bride as she travels from her place to the village of the groom. Protection was needed as there’s always a possibility of thugs hurting the bride or suitors stealing her away. You can see here that even at such an early civilization, violence has always been one of the by products of unrequited love.

In the Western World

The tradition begins with complying with the wedding ceremony requirement of having ten witnesses. The aim of this requisite is to outsmart evil souls and spirits who are believed to be in attendance during the ceremony. Thus, it is but proper thatbridesmaid dresses are identical to that of the bride (the attire of men ushers must also be identical of the groom’s) so the so called evil spirits would have a hard time identifying which of the ladies and gentlemen present are being wed.

If you take a look at wedding photographs of Victorian marriages, you’d really have a hard time identifying which of the couples got married simply because of the sameness of the clothes that the entourage is wearing.

In Today’s World

These days, the need for a female troop to protect a bride is no longer imminent. This clearly eliminates the fact that bridesmaid dresses need to be identical with the bride’s. However, bridesmaid dresses should still be in harmony with the theme of the wedding ceremony.


And although bridesmaids are no longer required to help fend off curses and hexes and evil spirits altogether, they still maintain a vital role in the entirewedding ceremony.

For example, they need to provide key support to the bride. This may be in terms of shopping for the perfect wedding gown or scouting for the most reasonably priced hotel for the couple’s out of town guests. In addition, bridesmaids would also prove to be such a great help in looking for least costly but memorable wedding favors.

Of course, their responsibility to the couple especially to the bride is not only confined in the wedding ceremony itself. There is still bridal a shower to host and organize.


Being a bridesmaid is truly demanding in a positive way. If you are one, make sure you prepare yourself to get busy months or even years before the special date. You need to spare some time in taking care of wedding preparations. And the payoff for all of these hardwork and sweat? A gorgeous gown that you can wear down the aisle!

You see, the function of bridesmaids hasn’t really changed that much over the years. It has never really made a 360 degree turn, it simply has modernized and has adapted to modern times. Because the fact is, wearing thosebridesmaid dresses (identical to the bride’s or otherwise) gives bridesmaids one role: supporting the bride.

Wedding Dresses to Impress!

Wedding Dresses to Impress!

Imagine. Today you are the most important person in the world. And it s your wedding day. What would you do? Get the best among wedding dresses to impress them all.

Designer Clothes or not?

Mori Lee s caters from exquisite bridal Gowns to Informal gowns. They offer romantic, elegant and beautifully cut Wedding gowns.

They also offer Bridal Collection of Jasmine Haute Couture. This Couture will provide you gloriously shining on your wedding day.

The Bridal Collection of My Lady are handcrafted to lasts for many many years using the ageless corsetiere skills merged with the sewing technologies and materials of today. It will take up 100 hours to make these wedding dresses by highly skilled dressmakers, seamstresses, jewelers that uses the finest materials and fabrics to give you the ultimate look and fit on your wedding day.

Wedding Dresses to Impress!

Angelina Faccenda s New wedding dresses collection is stunning indeed! These are embellished with crystals over the finest silks. These breathtaking gowns are available in soft gold, ivory, and pinks. Another collection of sophisticated silk wedding dresses that were designed and cut with epitomizes femininity in mind. Folds, layers and drapes made from silk shantung, silk taffeta and silk satin that emphasize and adorns the curves of the body. Available colors are pale and natural gold.

Other Bridal Collection includes Mori Lee Quinceanera/Vizcaya Bridal Collection.

These are perfect for quinceanera celebration! This is not just your ordinary ball gown. This gown has sparkling beaded ball for such occasions.

Wedding Dresses to Impress!

The Dream Wedding Dresses are here.

Looking for unusual combinations on design and fabric? This is the Tulipia Bridal Collection. All Bridal gowns and wedding dresses are designer originals. The embellishments, daring skirt lengths, sumptuous fabric and unique details are the trademark of this bridal line attractive.

Wedding dresses by Cassidy Sarah, Madison and Fabulous Bridal Collections are made by the Richman Group. The Collection than fills every girl s dream of perfect dress and unique in itself. Textured and mixed with modern to classic romance.

This Formal

Collection offers flawless designs and backed with world class quality to make your dream dress come true!

Bridal Collection of J. Valentina offers Formal Gown and also Wedding Dresses that are Informal. These Wedding Dresses are made with finest fabrics and lovely designs that achieve the elegance and beauty of every dress. This is surely a wedding dress for you!

The Swarowsky Crystal Imbedded Designs

The Best for Brides Exclusive European Bridal Collection that are handcrafted from the European fabrics that are luxurious with accented lace and decorated with Austria s finest Swarowsky and genuine stone.

Bridal Collection of AlfredSung makes a complete line of luxurious gowns and jewelry that includes bridal attire dresses, headpieces, veils, tiara, gloves, and swarowsky crystals.

What about Budget? Own or Rent?

Jasmine collection features gowns that are unique, detailed with crystal beadings and embroideries that are simply elegant. These are made with the best quality fabrics.
The best thing with the Mori Lee and Jasmine Collections is that these wedding dresses and gowns can be rented at a reasonable price!

Last but not the least, Jai Bridal Collection offers a complete line of products. This collection includes accessories, headpieces, veils, jewelry, tiaras and gloves. Crinolines are lined on the wedding dress with swarowsky crystals. The wedding gown of Jai Bridal is now available and can be rented with reasonable price.

Best for Bride Bridal Store
5359 Dundas St. West (at Kipling)
Etobicoke, ON, Canada, M9B 1B1

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Finding Inexpensive Wedding Dresses

Unlike yesteryear when choices for a wedding dress are limited, today there are so many available styles to choose from. Brides can even save money when they opt forinexpensive wedding dresses available in stores and other alternative shops out there.

Buying inexpensive wedding dresses

For most brides, inexpensive wedding dresses are the most practical option in choosing what they are going to wear on their big day. Why? This is because they can save more money to be spent on other aspects of the wedding. Today, there are so many options for the bride. They can look really beautiful without having to spend a fortune in their gowns and other accessories for the wedding.

Even wedding experts agree that inexpensive wedding dresses can make the bride really beautiful if they know which ones to choose. Just like in other aspects of the wedding, the major consideration in buying a wedding dress is the budget.

Inexpensive wedding dresses are those that can be seen in bridal department sections of stores and in not so popular bridal stores nearby. Some of these can also be found in bridal warehouses where the stock and lightly damaged items are sold for half the price.

You can also find inexpensive wedding dresses in bazaars and other consignment shops that are selling last few items before replacing them with new stocks.

To find inexpensive wedding dresses, you can watch out for season end sale in various bridal shops because you might find a dress for you at a cheaper rate. If you cannot findinexpensive wedding dresses in these venues, try to find it virtually by visiting online auctions and bridal websites online. Of course the internet is a great place to find an inexpensive wedding dress and you can shop around the whole world to find what you want.

If you still can’t find the dress of your dreams at a price that fits your pocket you can still wear a decent, beautiful, and inexpensive wedding dresses by asking a dressmaker or a tailor to do the job for you. To spend less, make sure that you choose a simple design that is easy to do. Avoid choosing designs that have intricate and elaborate styles because this can only add up to the cost of labour for your seamstress. To save more, make sure that you are the one who will buy the raw materials so you can choose personally which one would suit not only your budget but your taste and preference as well.

Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Weddings are always special occasions. Since this event is not only for those who are physically fit, bridal stores also offer plus size wedding dresses to those who are a little cuddly.

Try not to be influenced by other people when it comes to choosing your wedding dress. Remember you are the one who is getting married and it has to make you feel happy and confident. If there is nothing that appeals to you in the store don’t be fobbed off with second best. You will live to regret it and the dress for you is out there somewhere.

Most bridal stores do have larger sizes these days although I don’t think that there is such a large selection in the larger sizes.

I think years ago the effort just was not put into the making of plus size clothes; they were totally shapeless and did nothing for the wearer confidence. Today I am amazed by the beautiful creations there are out there especially in wedding dresses I am quite confident that you will find something marvellous for your wedding day and that you will look totally amazing.


Elegant Illi Tulle Bridal Collection Spring 2010

The elegant and feminine bridal dresses from Illi Tulle bridal collection 2010.

Sexy Delpha Halter Bridal Dresses
Sweet and sexy delpha ivory gown with halter neck boned corset top with ruffle skirt.

Kai Ruffles Bridal Dresses
Adorable petals of ruffles on the shoulders of the Khi dress above.

Sexy Metallic Halter Omega Bridal Dresses
Sexy metallic halter omega bridal dresses.

Nu One-Shoulders Ruffles Bridal Dresses
White nu one-Shoulders ruffles bridal dresses with bodice corset top.

Tau Asymmetrical Bridal Dresses with Flower Detail
Tau, off-shoulder gown with asymmetric side ruching with fabric flower detail.

Kerrie ; Strapless Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown

Kerrie ; Strapless Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown

Kerrie ; Strapless Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown

Pluz Size Bridal Gowns

Pluz Size Bridal Gowns

Pluz Size Bridal Gowns

plus size bridal gowns
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