Hanna Touma Beautiful in Color Wedding Dresses

Lovely creations from Lebanese designer Hanna Touma. First up, some yummy pieces from his 2010 Spring/Summer Couture collection. Metallic shades of blue and grey. Aluminium alliteration: shimmery satin sheen or sparkly slivers of silver.

soft and pretty blue wedding dresses
colorful landscape gentle blue gown on the right, so soft and pretty.

Gorgeous the brown, blue and white wedding dresses
Gorgeous the brown, blue and white combination on the right looks like a great color palette inspiration for a wedding theme.

turquoise green wedding dresses
love with this shade of light turquoise green wedding dress.

Fit and flare tulle wedding dresses
Fit and flare tulle dress in the gentlest shade of pink and a wrap sleeve gown in old rose with gold detail.

White wedding dresses
White wedding dress complete with veil and tiara.

Sexy Bridal Wedding Gown


2 pieces bridal gown, corset bodice with flower corsage at corner and dramatic skirt with playful ruffles and tulle skirt in high low concept for sexiest wedding gown inspired ...

Strapless Bridal Wedding Gown


strapless bridal gown with floral embroidered detail for your dreamy bridal gown inspired

Beach Party Wedding Gown


modern wedding gown [thick ruffles] for beach wedding attire


Unique Color Japanese Wedding Kimono by Scena D’uno

The beautiful colors and textures bridal kimono from Scena D’uno wasou collection are sure to inspire any bride looking for a bit of eastern flair for their wedding day.

taiko musubi apanese Wedding Kimono
Back view of gold obi sash showing a version of the drum knot or taiko musubi accented with pink and red roses to match the motif on the dress.

Kudasai Japanese Wedding Kimono with 3D flower detail
Styles with 3D flower detail. I want the one on the left, kudasai. Love the luscious shade of burgundy.

Pretty pink peonies Japanese Wedding Kimono
Pretty pink peonies. So kawaii it could well be part of a furisode kimono line for younger ladies.

musubi pink Japanese Wedding Kimono
Back of the same pink dress showing an ornately-fashioned knot or musubi. A similar design in light blue is equally sweet.

wataboshi traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono
This hooded head piece called wataboshi is also used in traditional Japanese ceremonies.

Mori Lee ; Strapless Bridal Gown Ideas


strapless bridal gown embroidered design ruched neck

Pink Tulle Wedding Gown Design

Pink Tulle Wedding Gown Design

Mori Lee pink wedding gown, embroidered bodice halter neck with tulle skirt ideas

Black Bridal Gown Design


Mori Lee black bridal gown sexy side cutout and glam beaded bodice design

Wedding Dress Lace

Wedding Dress Lace




Wedding Dress Lace


Unique Color Inspiration Wedding Dresses - The Korean Hanbok

traditional Korean wedding dresses costume is called hanbok

The colorful wedding dresses traditional Korean costume is called hanbok. The Korean bride who chose to wear a traditional costume on her wedding may also wear an ornamental headgear and either the wonsam (ceremonial silk top coat) or hwarot (silk embroidered robe, usually in red) over her hanbok during the wedding ceremony.

colorful traditional wedding dresses costume

pretty color combination traditional korean wedding dresses

silk embroidered wedding dresses hanbok

wedding dresses traditional Korean costume is called hanbok

Destination Outdoor Wedding Bridal Gown

Destination Outdoor Wedding Bridal Gown

Destination Outdoor Wedding Bridal Gown

Special White Wedding Bridal Gown 2010

Special White Wedding Bridal Gown 2010

Special White Wedding Bridal Gown 2010

Strapless Wedding Dress Bridal Gown

Strapless Wedding Dress Bridal Gown

Strapless Wedding Dress Bridal Gown


Irna La Perle Inspiration Islamic Style Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Irna La Perle somehow manages to escape our radars even though we’ve highlighted some Indonesian designers and bridal houses that featured at Jakarta Fashion Week. Gorgeous islamic style muslimah wedding dresses use of gentle pastel colors and soft layering give these gowns a light, floaty quality. The dresses are elegantly feminine, a great inspiration for modest brides and hijabi sisters. Some of the more edgier looks on the runway .

Modest White Silver Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Pastel Color Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Elegant feminine Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Peach Silver Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Beautiful White Muslimah Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Wedding Bedroom Decor Image

Beautiful Wedding Bedroom Decor Image


Wedding Chair Cover Design

Wedding Chair Cover Design
The optional chair covers with ties added to the dining elegance. well I had an email from Kath who supplied the flowers saying that she really liked the photos and would I like to come and see her garden flower studio.

Modern Vintage Parisian Design

Modern Vintage Parisian Design
so I went my own Parisian way. Spending the day in Paris wasn't an opportunity for me to visit museums and discover the city, as it is where I grew up and it doesn't really have any secrets for me anymore. fantastic! can't wait for your next Paris post as I'm just about to book a weekend trip. If you are feeling brave, you can go have a look in Free'p'Star.

Wedding Vintage Parisian Design

Wedding Vintage Parisian Design
I discovered the most delicious Frenchy wedding eye candy today: A “Perfectly Pink” vintage Parisian-themed wedding. The photography is quite beautiful and so are the wedding dresses! If you are planning a vintage style wedding, I hope like me this gives you some inspiration to help you with your wedding plans!

It is some random dress I found on ebay that's a knock off seller. I asked a person who bought it if they would send pictures of it, and it looked pretty good.
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